Making Space for Water

Upstream and postcards

Over the course of this project we have been looking at the hidden burns and water courses that flow around and beneath Dundee and Aberdeen. So many artistic / scientific / cultural responses to the natural world posit “nature” as a grand, iconic, unspoilt wilderness. Our mission was to undermine this idea, and to show that the natural world is in fact anything but passive and remote. Walking the burns of Dundee and Aberdeen yielded layer upon layer of evidence of people’s instinctive response to landscape and to natural water.

So far, this sharing of ideas, experiences, knowledge and contacts has generated an academic paper, an invitation to present our project at a conference in London in February, and a set of poems. The poems have been printed in a pamphlet, and some have also become postcards.

If you would like a copy of the pamphlet or postcards, please send a message at Making Space for Water or email Lesley Harrison at .

Lesley Harrison, Jo Vergunst, Rebecca Wade

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