Edinburgh Information Session


The Edinburgh Information Session for Imagining Natural Scotland was attended by over sixty artists, scientists, architects, planners, fillmakers and cultural commentators. The audience was treated to three feature presentations from ASCUS Art Science Collaborative, composer Julian Wagstaff and Simon Flower from the British Geological Survey.

ASCUS Art Science Collaborative ( www.ascus.org.uk ) comprises a network of artists and scientists committed to the practice of cross-disciplinary collaboration. Founded in 2008, ASCUS is a voluntary organisation and network of participants divided between the art and science communities, they have regualr monthly meetings which are open to all artists and scientists. In their presentation they not only discussed their work over the past five years but also looked at what artists can learn from scientists as well as what scientists can learn from artists.

This first presentation was followed by presentations from the composer Julian Wagstaff and British Geological Survey scientist Simon Flower who spoke about their experiences and the many benefits of art science collaboration. Videos of their presentations will be posted over the next few days.

Our next event will be held in Aberdeen ( http://imaginingnaturalscotland.org.uk/information-sessions/aberdeen/ ) where award-winning filmmaker Anthony Baxter will be talking about the making of ‘You’ve been Trumped’  ( http://www.youvebeentrumped.com/youvebeentrumped.com/THE_MOVIE.html ), a film that looked at the plan to construct two golf courses in Scotland along one of the most environemtally sensitve stretches of coast in Europe. Thes session will aslo feature a presentation from Professor Lorna Dawson, a Principal Research Scientist at the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen who has over 25 years experience in conducting and managing research in soil plant interactions. This is an event not to be missed by those interested in the environment and documentary filmmaking.

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