Media from the Aberdeen Information Session 20/04/13

Date held: 20th of April 2013, 14:00-16:15 PM

Venue: Skene House Hotel

The Imagining Natural Scotland Information Session in Aberdeen was held at the Skene House Hotel on Saturday 20th April. A small but enthusiastic crowd was in attendance to hear presentations from Professor Lorna Dawson of the Hutton Institute at the University of Aberdeen and documentary filmmaker Anthony Baxter.

Professor Lorna Dawson from the Hutton Institute talked about soil and the vital role that it plays in the ecosystem, while Anthony Baxter spoke of the trials and tribulations of making his award-winning documentary,  ‘You’ve been Trumped’ about the destruction of a coastal site of Special Scientific Interest to make way for a links golf course and luxury accommodation for international tourists.


INS Anthony Baxter from Imagining Natural Scotland on Vimeo.

Professor Lorna Dawson on Scottish soils and their secrets from Imagining Natural Scotland on Vimeo.