Scots Pine Portraits


Portraits of Scots pine will see a series of paintings, prints and drawings produced from the seven main regions of Caledonian pinewood Scots pine provenances, bringing together the expertise of a plant health and remote sensing scientist and accompanying journeys with a Historic Scotland Senior Heritage Management Officer will provide a unique approach to a historical overview of ‘native’ Scotland with consequential contemporary context. Its development should see the project engage with communities through smaller local shows before culminating in a larger overview of the situation of Scots pine in Scotland. Many local areas benefit from people seeking leisure, recreation and sporting activities in these scenic surroundings. The project can also foster local pride in existing landscapes and broaden awareness of sites in Scotland that may not currently be widely noted as an attraction.


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Marcus Leotaud, Artist

William Cornforth, PhD candidate (University of Edinburgh and Forest Research/Forestry Commission)

Simon Montgomery, Historic Scotland Senior Heritage Management Officer

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