The Forest is Moving

Caledonia: The Forest is Moving, Breadalbane.

This project proposes a series of residencies and partnerships that will result in sculpture, new media and sound based artwork that promote public discourse about the cultural import of future forests in Perthshire. The partnership will also explore art and aesthetic ideas in relationship to current discourse about ecosystem assessment and cultural values with potential international implication. The how and why of this is explained below in item C1. Collins and Goto would argue that if art has a primary purpose it is to provide a process and method for the evolution of subjectivity. The artists think about creative inquiry as a means to expand perception, recharge experience and engage with others on contemporary issues, meaning and value.

The artists will be immersed in residencies with a research institution, a museum and art gallery and a forest and its surrounding communities. They are interested in future social and cultural values that emerge from aesthetic appreciation and public access to iconic forest environments. They will produce work with science and planning colleagues by August for the St Andrews conference with concurrent contribution to the ‘Big Tree Roots’ exhibition at the Perth Museum and Art Gallery. Working through knowledge and experience gained through residencies the artists will begin to shape a considered body of work. This new series of art work will explore ideas, perceptions and experience. The work will be framed as forest interface in the rural setting and as forest correspondence in the urban context.

In addition to the publication outcome already planned within the funding framework the scientists and artists have identified international conferences where this work can be presented. Furthermore if this proposal is successful the project team have identified subsequent bids to the Forestry Commision: Community Seedcorn Funding programme and the Creative Scotland: Public Art Research and Development programme.

– Aritsts: Tim Collins and Reiko Goto – Arts and Heritage: Kirsty Duncan Cultural Development Manager, Richard Polley, Arts and Heritage Coordinator Perth and Kinross Culture Services – Landscape Architect: Hilary Kennedy, Perth ‘Living Communities’ programme. – Scientists: Dave Edwards, Project Manager Centre for Human and Ecological Sciences, Forest Research; Mike Strachan, Policy and Development Officer, the Perth and Argyl Conservancy, Forestry Commission; Paul McLennan, Trust Manager Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust

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