We are pleased to say that Forest Research has released the Future Forest Report on their website. (June 2015). This report to the community intends to contribute to the discourse about cultural values and meanings associated with the native Caledonian pine forests of Scotland. The work is focusing on the Black Wood of Rannoch in Highland Perthshire. To date, the art and science project team has delivered a number of reports and other creative outputs, including the following:

Final report:
Collins, T., Goto, R. and Edwards, D. (2014). Future Forest: The Black Wood, Rannoch, Scotland. Landscape Research Group and Forest Research.(PDF-4602KB) 51pp

Artworks displayed at the exhibition ‘Sylva Caledonia’, and participation in a seminar series, as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival, held at Summerhall, Edinburgh April and May 2015.

Video developed for the Perth Museum and Art Gallery. “The Forest is Moving, Tha a’ Choille a’ Gluasad“, December 2013.

Book Chapters:
Collins, T., Goto, R. and Edwards, D. (2014). Future Forest: Caledonian Black Wood, Aware Access. pp 66-81 in: Griffith, D. (ed). Imagining Natural Scotland. Creative Scotland, Edinburgh, UK. 231 pp.

Edwards, D., Collins, T. and Goto, R. (in press). Does the conservation status of a Caledonian forest also indicate cultural ecosystem value? Springer. [Forthcoming book from the 1st UNESCO Conference on Biological and Cultural Diversity in Europe, held in Florence, Italy, April 2014]

Case study in a manual for decision-makers:
Kenter, J.O., Reed, M.S., Everard, M., Irvine, K.N., O’Brien, E., Molloy, C., Bryce, R., Brady, E., Christie, M., Church, A., Collins, T., Cooper, N., Davies, A., Edwards, D., Evely, A., Fazey, I., Goto, R., Hockley, N., Jobstvogt, N., Orchard-Webb, J., Ravenscroft, N., Ryan, A. and Watson. V. (2014). Shared, plural and cultural values: A handbook for decision makers. UK National Ecosystem Assessment follow-on phase. UNEP-WCMC, Cambridge, UK.



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